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staging: lustre: Delete unnecessary goto statements in six functions

Author: Markus Elfring <elfring@users.sourceforge.net> Six goto statements referred to a source code position directly behind them. Thus omit such unnecessary jumps. This issue was detected by using the Coccinelle software. Signed-off-by: Markus Elfring Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman — drivers/staging/lustre/lustre/llite/namei.c | 1 – drivers/staging/lustre/lustre/mdc/mdc_request.c | 7 ——- 2 files changed, 8 deletions(-)   diff –git a/drivers/staging/lustre/lustre/llite/namei.c b/drivers/staging/lustre/lustre/llite/namei.c …

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