This website’s purpose is to enhance the visibility and usability of the systems-code oriented program analysis tools that have been developed in the Whisper group by systematically using these tools to contribute to the development of the Linux kernel.

The tools include Coccinelle, for matching and transforming C code, Hector, for finding resource-release omission faults in C code, and Diagnosys for generating wrappers to help developers debug the use of Linux kernel API functions.

On this website, you can see the latest linux kernel patches generated using the tools we have developed. You will also find news concerning their version releases, workshop and tutorial information as well as online an installation guide, documentation and examples.

This website was set up as part of the BtrLinux ADT (Technical Development Action), its main purpose is to use Coccinelle to contribute to the Linux kernel, improve the implementation of Hector to make it suitable for a public release and improve the visibility and usability of Diagnosys.