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Staging: dgnc: Use goto for spinlock release before return

Author: Quentin Lambert <lambert.quentin@gmail.com> spin_unlock_irqrestore() is called at several different places before exiting. This patch uses a goto statement to factorize these calls. Coccinelle was used to generate this patch. Signed-off-by: Quentin Lambert Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman — drivers/staging/dgnc/dgnc_tty.c | 48 ++++++++++++++++++++——————— 1 file changed, 23 insertions(+), 25 deletions(-)   diff –git a/drivers/staging/dgnc/dgnc_tty.c b/drivers/staging/dgnc/dgnc_tty.c index d78e5bf..8445f84 …

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